Adding Users to Your Account

Users with the Account Manager role can add new veterinarians or technicians to the clinic GVL account by following these easy steps.


  1. A user with an Account Manager role will log in to their GVL account.

  2. On the homescreen, locate the “Clinic users” section, located above the “Recent Activity” table.

  3. If the only user on the account is the Account Manager, no user(s) will show in this section. To add users to the account, click on the “Invite New Users” button. If the account already has users, a count for the number of users will show in this section. To add additional users to the account, click on the “Manage Users” button.

  4. New users are added in the “+Add new users” tab of the table.

  5. Enter the First Name, Last Name, Role and Email for the new user(s) you would like to add to the account. When adding multiple users, add additional rows by clicking on the “+Add another row” button in the bottom right of the table.

  6. When all user(s) information has been added, click “Send invites”.

  7. A personalized email notification to complete their account registration process will then be sent to each user. From the email, the new user will click on “Finish setting up my account” and will be directed to their personal registration page through which they can add their personal information and finalize their account.

  8. Once invites have been sent, the user(s) that were sent invites will appear in the user list under the “Active” tab on the table. The user(s) will be italicized to indicate that their registration is pending. Once the new user(s) complete their registration they will become active user(s).

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