Completing an EU Transit health certificate as part of an International Health Certificate in GVL

GlobalVetLink works to streamline your clinic's international health certificate workflow. Recently, the European Union started requiring EU Health Certificates for pets transiting an EU country on their way to their final destination. When required, this additional EU Transit international health certificate is now included in your packet.

The GVL platform will automatically include an EU transit health certificate when completing a non-EU country health certificate if the user indicates the pet is transiting through an EU country. How it works:

  1. Start first by creating the final destination country health certificate (this would be for the non-EU country).
  2. On the Travel card, answer YES to the question, “Is this pet transiting through a country in the European Union (EU)?"
  3. In the dropdown list, select the EU country the pet is transiting through.Screenshot 2023-11-08 at 2.48.00 PM.png
  4. Complete the remaining required fields for the final destination country and sign the International Health Certificate.
  5. After signing, a Progress check screen will display. At this time, you have completed the destination country's International Health Certificate and can download the destination country certificate.
  6. With the destination country's International Health Certificate complete, you will now move on to finalize the EU transit country’s health certificate. On the Progress check screen, click on the button “Complete Transit Pet Certificate” located under the Complete EU Transit Certificate to [EU Country Name] header.Screenshot 2023-11-08 at 2.48.12 PM.png
  7. After clicking on the “Complete Transit Pet Certificate” button, you will be taken to the International Health Certificate list view screen. On this screen, you will locate the draft certificate that was automatically created for the EU country the pet is transiting through.
  8. Open the EU country's draft certificate, complete the required fields, and sign.

  9. Once signed, you can download the completed International Health Certificate for the EU country you are transiting through. 

  10. With both the destination country and EU transit health certificates complete, you can now submit the health certificates to the USDA for endorsement.

Important Information Regarding EU Transit Health Certificates:

  1. When reviewing the EU Transit Health Certificate, as required by the USDA, the Consignee Address will match the final destination country address with a call out that the pet is transiting through the EU country. 
  2. The USDA requires TWO separate endorsement submissions. One endorsement submission for the Destination country and one endorsement submission for the EU Transit country. Each submission will also be charged a separate endorsement fee.
  3. When submitting the EU Transit country certificate in VEHCS, just like all GlobalVetLink submissions, you will first select “Country not Listed” from the Destination Country dropdown list.
  4. For the EU Transit VEHCS submission, for the “Type of Admission,” you will need to select “Transit” from the dropdown options. 


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