Adding IDs from a Spreadsheet

If you have a large group of animals with multiple IDs listed in a spreadsheet, follow these steps to add the IDs to the animal group.

Note - these steps apply to adding IDs to an animal group with a head count over one

  1. Select the animal group to which you need to add the IDs and click Edit.

  2. Click “Add an ID” and select the type(s) of IDs listed in your spreadsheet. You will need to select the “Add an ID” button for each additional ID.

  3. Once you have the ID type(s) selected, open your spreadsheet. 

  4. Highlight the cells with the corresponding ID values that you want to add to the animal group. Once they are highlighted, click “Control” and “C” on your keyboard to copy the values.

  5. Once you have the ID values copied, click on the first yellow cell under the Type of ID field and click “Control” and “V” on your keyboard to paste the values.

  6. After all IDs are entered, click “Save” on the animal’s profile. When the profile is saved the IDs will appear on the CVI. 


  • If there are errors, double check that when copying and pasting from the spreadsheet that no extra rows were highlighted. 

  • If there is a head count of 10 animals, there MUST be ten IDs entered. If one animal does not have an ID, there would need to be a placeholder entered, such as “N/A.”

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