What kind of digital camera do you recommend for taking pictures to use with GVL?

A digital camera is not a requirement for using GVL. Smart phones can be used to take the images required. Our HorseSYNC app is a great tool for taking the images and gathering the horse information. If you are wanting to use a digital camera, please take the following points into consideration.

Here are two concepts to consider when buying a digital camera for use with GVL:


Megapixels are the number of million pixels that make up an image. Since GVL certificates use pictures smaller than 3 X 5, a 1MP camera would be more than adequate. While more mega pixels provide more clarity with larger photos, it also means that the image will be a larger file size and take longer to upload the photos. If you already have a camera with greater than 1 Mega Pixel resolution, simply change the settings to 1 Mega Pixel or 640 X 480.


Buy a camera with at least 16MB of internal memory or buy a camera that can use expandable memory (such as a memory card or memory stick). Consider that you will need to take three pictures of every horse: a left view, a right view, and a head view. You should consider a camera with the least amount of bells and whistles. Since you will be carrying this with you into barns, it get well used over time.

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