What can owners can see in their account when I grant them MyVetLink access?

MyVetLink (MVL) is an online portal for your clients to access their certificates 24/7 through a web browser.

As a veterinarian, you are able to grant clients access to their certificates so they may view and download the certificates at any time. To grant MyVetLink access, you must have an email address on file for your client and turn on the "Grant MyVetLink Access" feature on the contact profile. Once MVL access is granted, your client will be notified and have the ability to register for a MyVetLink account. 

When a client has signed up for an MVL account, they will be able to log in and view animals listed under their ownership, along with their completed certificates.

Clients can view and download completed certificates by clicking the animal's name or selecting the Certificates button on the left-hand side of the screen.


Clients can only view the animals that you have listed them as the owner of and the completed certificates for those animals.

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