Updates to GVL VFDs

We continually work with the FDA to ensure that our VFDs are in compliance with current rules and regulations. We have released a few updates to our VFDs, which you can find outlined below.

Proprietary vs Brand Name

  • Per the FDA’s request, when the VFD is for a combination with an OTC drug, the generic name of the OTC drug will be used. No proprietary OTC drug names will now appear on GVL VFDs.

Administration Instructions Removed

  • To eliminate confusion between Dosage/Duration and Administration Instructions, the GVL VFD will no longer include an Administration Instructions area. All administration instructions will be covered in the Dosage/Duration and Special Instructions fields on the VFD.

Minor Species Residue Warning

  • The minor species residue warning (withdrawal period), which was previously printed in the Special Instructions area, will now print at the middle of the VFD between the Residue Warning arrows.


If you have any questions about these updates, please contact our Customer Success team!


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