Creating an International Health Certificate through GlobalVetLink

To create an international health certificate:



  • Select Species (Canine, Feline)

  • Select Country

  • Select Departure Date - GVL will provide overview of documents needed and health requirements for the selected country, as well as a travel timeline

  • Select Trip Duration

  • Select Method of Travel

  • Select Airline

  • Enter Flight number

  • Enter Port of entry/border crossing

  • Click Next


  • Select the Owner - Search using the Contact box or Create new

  • Origin will default to same as owner address

  • Select the destination if it has already been added as an address for the owner, or click Add location and add the destination address details

  • Select the Purpose of movement and Person traveling with pet

  • Select the Examination date from the calendar

  • Select the pet from the drop down list or Create new

  • Enter the Pet weight

  • Enter the Microchip ID number, implant date and implant location

  • Select the rabies vaccination information from the drop down list or click Create new to add the information - Additional vaccinations can also be included below the rabies vaccination

  • Optional: Include Remarks - Choose from a list of species specific remarks or click Create new to add a custom remark

  • Click Next


  • Click Save to save your progress before you can upload the rabies vaccination certificate

  • After saving, click in the box to bring up the file explorer to select the rabies vaccination certificate - Certificate must be in PDF format to upload

  • Click Next


  • Review the documents to ensure the information is correct - Click the blue links to download the Certificate of veterinary inspection, International health certificate and Rabies certificate

  • If all of the information is correct, click Finalize certificates


  • Enter your username and password to sign the certificates

  • Once the certificates have been signed, you can download the PDF packet which contains: cover sheet with instructions on submitting to the USDA for endorsement, certificate of veterinary inspection, international health certificate and rabies vaccination certificate

  • You can download the packet again from the International tab under Animal movement on the left hand menu

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