What do I need to know about travel and health documentation pertaining to equine foals?

Travel preparation for a young animal can be confusing when reviewing general state rules and guidelines. With this in mind, GVL encourages you to contact the equine's state of residence and destination state for their specific regulations on Coggins and transport. Be sure to clarify exemptions based on age as well as traveling with or without a dam.

Many states have exceptions for EIA requirements regarding foals under a certain age for inter- and intra-state movement.

For nursing foals, states generally instruct veterinarians to indicate on the CVI if a foal is accompanying the dam. Keep in mind that each state may have a preference for adding the foal as another animal and/or listing a note in the remark section of the health certificate.

Young, weanling foals traveling without a dam typically need to meet the same requirements as an adult horse, but please get in touch with the destination state for any distinct rules.

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