What documentation will the pet owner need to bring on their travels to China?

The pet owner should bring the following documentation:

  • International Health Certificate.
  • Current rabies vaccination certificate.
    • Bring photocopies of the pet's rabies vaccination certificates as they may be requested.
  • FAVN Rabies Antibodies Test Result.
  • One photocopy of each traveler's passport.
    • For example, if they are traveling with one pet, you will need a photocopy of your passport. If two travelers are traveling with two pets, each traveler will need a photocopy of their passport.
  • A photo of the pet printed on regular paper.
    • For large dogs, it is best to have something in the photo to help judge the size of the pet.
  • A photocopy of the pet's photo.

Note: These are requirements for the pet owner and are not required for USDA endorsement. This information is also included on the cover sheet that is provided to the veterinarian once they sign the International Health Certificate.

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