Mailing an International Health Certificate to a USDA Office for Endorsement

GlobalVetLink simplifies the process of creating international health certificates, ensuring all requirements are met and the information is formatted correctly. After completing the international health certificates through GlobalVetLink, your next step will be to submit the certificates to USDA-APHIS for endorsement.

If you choose to mail the documents to the USDA for endorsement, follow these steps to submit the completed certificates: 

  • Due to COVID, the majority of USDA office staff are working remotely, so mailed certificates may not be received by the endorsement officials in a timely manner. 
  • We recommend sending an email to the service center to notify them and ensure someone will receive the certificate for endorsement.
  • It is recommended to send documents overnight through FedEx.
  1. Download and print the GVL International Health Certificate packet.
  2. Veterinarians sign the international health certificate using blue ink.
  3. The pet owner (if required) signs an international health certificate using blue ink.
  4. Mail the following documents to the USDA:
    • Destination country’s international health certificate.
    • Transit country’s international health certificate (if applicable).
    • Rabies certificates.
    • Rabies FAVN titer test result document (if applicable).
    • Check or money order payable to the USDA for the endorsement fee.
    • Pre-paid self-addressed FedEx overnight envelope (for the USDA to return certificate).
  5. Send final package to your local USDA Endorsement Office.
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