Submitting an International Pet TravelPass through VEHCS

GlobalVetLink simplifies the process of creating international health certificates, helping you to ensure that all requirements are met and information is formatted correctly. After completing the international health certificates through the GVL Pet TravelPass, your next step will be to submit the certificates to USDA-APHIS for endorsement.


If you chose to digitally sign and submit the documents via VEHCS, follow these steps to submit the completed certificates:

  1. Log into your VEHCS account.
  2. Choose “Country not Listed” for the Destination Country in order to upload a pdf of the certificate.
  3. Select the Destination Country and all other fields with an asterisk.
  4. Upload GlobalVetLink Certificate.
  5. Upload any other supporting documentation, including attachments and shipping labels.
  6. Complete payment information.


Final VEHCS Steps For Accredited Veterinarians:

  1. Carefully review the certificate for accuracy.
  2. Review the submission statements at the bottom of the page as they must be verified before the certificate can be submitted.
  3. If the certificate was submitted to your Veterinary Clinic by an Exporter, select the Responsible Payor
  4. Complete the following fields as needed:
    • Additional Information: Free text field to note additional information. This information will be displayed on the Export Health Certificate.
      • This is an optional field.
    • Comments: Any instructions or other information for review. This can include instructions to the VS Field Office for how to return the completed and signed Certificate to the Accredited Veterinarian.
      • This field will not be printed on the actual Health Certificate and is only viewable through the VEHCS System.
      • This is an optional field.
  5. Click the Submit Certificate button to submit the certificate to the VS Field Office. You can also click the Save as Work in Progress and return to the certificate at a later time. If the certificate was submitted to your Veterinary Clinic by an Exporter, you also have the option to return the certificate to the Exporter by clicking the Return Certificate button.
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