Rabies Vaccination Scenario - Feline

Your favorite patient Binx, a 5 year old Domestic Short Hair, is coming in today for a routine visit. Binx is due for her rabies vaccination. Write the rabies certificate using the following information. You can create your own address and contact information for the owner.


  • Owner: Noah Meyer

  • Pet: Create a profile for Binx

  • Weight: 12 lbs

  • Rabies tag number: 10109

  • Manufacturer: Merk

  • Product: Nobivac 3

  • Exposure: Booster

  • Lot/serial number: 287A

  • Administered: today’s date

  • USDA licensed vaccine duration: 3 year

  • Vaccination expiration date: 3 year from today’s date

  • Administered by: you


After entering the above information, save the certificate and preview it by clicking More in the upper right corner and select Preview PDF. After previewing the PDF, sign the rabies certificate by clicking Sign and entering your username and password. After signing, download the completed certificate by clicking Download PDF in the upper right corner of the rabies certificate screen.

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