CVI Scenario - Canine

You are the veterinarian for Nala, a 6 year old Great Dane. She will be traveling with her owner, Bob Goodman, from Ohio to Indiana via car. Write a Companion Animal CVI for their trip using the following information. You can create your own addresses for the owner and destination.


  • Owner: Bob Goodman - Dayton, OH

  • Origin: Same as Owner

  • Destination: Friend’s house in Bloomington, IN

  • Purpose of Movement: Pleasure

  • Method of travel: Automobile

  • Carrier: Owner

  • Inspection Date: Today’s date

  • Species: Canine

  • Animals: Create a profile for Nala and include a Microchip as an ID

  • Remarks: Select the remark: “Microchip has been verified with the number listed on this certificate.”


After entering the above information, save the certificate and preview it by clicking More in the upper right corner and select Preview PDF. After previewing the PDF, sign the CVI by clicking Sign and entering your username and password. After signing, download the completed certificate by clicking Download PDF in the upper right corner of the CVI screen.

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