Prescription Scenario - Bovine

You are a veterinarian at Cattle Veterinary Services. Your client Sarah Jones has a herd of 30 dairy cattle located on her farm near Beaumont, California that need to be treated. You’ve prescribed Excede Sterile Suspension and Amoxi-Mast. Write a prescription using the following information. You can create your own address for the owner.


  • Owner/Client: Sarah Jones - Beaumont, California

  • Animal locations: Sarah Jones - Beaumont, California

  • Distributor: Dairy Supply

  • Uncheck Email Script to Distributor

  • Sarah will be providing a copy

  • Expiration date: default

  • Species: Bovine

  • Animal/Group ID: Dairy Cattle

  • Number to be Treated: 30

  • Drugs: Excede Sterile Suspension (Ceftiofur Crystalline Free Acid) and Amoxi-Mast (Amoxicillin)


After entering the above information, save the certificate and preview it by clicking More in the upper right corner and select Preview PDF. After previewing the PDF, sign the prescription by clicking Sign and entering your username and password. After signing, download the completed certificate by clicking Download PDF in the upper right corner of the screen.

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