EIA Batch Create Scenario

You are the veterinarian for Hometown Stables, located in Silver Springs, Florida. Today, you are pulling blood samples for EIA (Coggins) tests for 5 horses at the stable, 3 for owner Mary White and 2 for owner Tom Netman. Using the Batch Create feature, write EIA (Coggins) for these 5 horses. You can create the horse profiles, including images, and addresses for the owners and stable. 


Note - You will need to create the contacts and horses under Records before batch creating the EIA test certificates.


  • Horse Owner: Mary White, Tom Netman

  • Horses: 3 owned by Mary White, 2 owned by Tom Netman - Add at least one image to each profile in order to save them

  • Horse Location: Select All horses reside at the same location - Select Hometown Stables - Silver Springs, FL

  • Lab: Equine Production Center of Central Florida EIA Lab

  • Test Type: AGID

  • Date blood was drawn: Today’s date

  • State where the blood was drawn: FL

  • Date sent: Today’s date

  • Reason for test: Within state use/Annual


After entering the above information, click Create Drafts. You will be directed to the Drafts tab of the EIA view. Check the boxes to the left of the EIA drafts you have created. An Actions option will appear in the upper right hand corner of the list. Hover over Actions and click Sign. If you did not enter a County when creating the address for the stable, you will need to enter a county. Click Save and then enter your username and password and click Sign.


After signing the EIA test certificates, the Lab Submittal forms will download. These are the forms that would be sent with the blood sample to the lab. Because samples would need to be resulted in order to view the final certificate, GVL University will only provide you with the Lab Submittal forms. After an EIA test is resulted by the laboratory, it would move from the Awaiting Lab Result to the Recently Completed tab in the EIA view.

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