EECVI Scenario - Photo EIA

You are the veterinarian for Mark Loveless, a cattle rancher who manages ranches in Wyoming and Montana and is always traveling with his horse Bullseye. You are at his ranch in Sheridan, Wyoming today and he has requested a CVI for an upcoming trip to his ranch in Montana. You explain to Mark the benefits of an EECVI, that allows him the capability to travel to states that participate in the EECVI program for up to 6 months by entering his trips through his MyVetLink account. Mark agrees that this would be a great fit for him. Write an EECVI using the following information. You can create the horse profile and address for the owner.


  • Owner: Mark Loveless - Sheridan, WY

  • Email address required to grant Mark MyVetLink access

  • Horse: Bullseye

  • Qualifying EIA:

  • Date blood was drawn: One week ago

  • Issued: 5 days ago

  • Lab: Wyoming State Lab

  • EIA accession number: WY908090

  • Official ID: Photo EIA certificate number - EIA121212


After entering this information, click Save. Next, Click Commit. Enter your username and password to commit the EECVI. Once you have committed the EECVI, the owner receive an email to view the EECVI in their MyVetLink account. They will also enter their travel information to create movement permits via their MyVetLink account.

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