What kennels/crates or carriers are recommended for air travel?

Crates used for pet travel by air should be air travel approved. These crates should be purchased from the airline or at a local pet store. Crates should be:

For Air Cabin and Air Cargo travel:

  • Large enough for the pet to stand (without touching the top of the crate), turn around and lie down.  

  • Have a leak-proof bottom with plenty of absorbent material

  • Be ventilated on opposite sides, with exterior knobs and rims that will not block airflow

For Air Cargo travel:

  • Be strong and free of interior protrusions, with handles or grips. Most airlines will not allow snap-sided kennels, modified or adapted snap-side kennels or collapsible or folding kennels 

  • Be clearly labeled with owners name, home address and phone number, destination contact information and a sign stating “Live Animals” with arrows showing which way is upright 

  • Airlines may also have additional requirements regarding crates. The pet owner should contact the air carrier’s cargo department to ensure all requirements are met before the pet’s travel.  

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