How to create a Script

  1. To begin writing a script, select the owner. If the owner is already in the system, click into the search bar to find them by name. If you are adding a new owner, click Add New and enter information into all of the red outlined fields and click Create to save the contact. 

  2. The next step is to add the animal locations. If the location is the same as the owner’s address, you do not have to add any additional locations. If the animals are at other locations, you can search for them by name. You can also add additional addresses to be stored under the owner by clicking on the gear icon to the right of the address and selecting Add New Premises. This will allow you to create additional addresses that can be selected as animal locations.

  3. Next, enter the name and email address of the distributor. If you do not have an email address, you can uncheck the Email Script to Distributor box and the email address field will no longer be required.

  4. Under Additional Information, the Expiration Date will be displayed. This will automatically be set to three months from the current date, but you can change the date as needed.

  5. Next, complete the Animal Information. First, choose the Species. If you already have animals saved under the owner, click the List button to view a list of the animals associated with the owner. If you need to add a new animal or animal group, click the ‘+’ sign, complete the red highlighted fields and click the Create button. After creating the animal or animal group, continue completing the fields in the Animal Information box, including Number to be Treated, Average Age and Average Weight.

  6. The next step is to add the drug. Click the Add Drug button and search for the drug by active ingredient, brand name, indication or manufacturer. 

  7. When adding a drug, you can choose to add According to Label or Extra Label. Extra Label will allow you to edit the fields if you are prescribing the drug differently than it is labeled. Once you have selected a drug, you will need to choose the Use, Size, Quantity and Route. You can use the Special Instructions field to include any additional information that you would like on the script. Once you have completed all the fields, click the Add Drug button to save the information to the script. 

  8. Finally, you can use the Vet Assignment to select the vet that will need to sign the script, if you have multiple vets in your practice.

  9. The next step is the save the script. Click the Save button in the upper right-hand corner, then click the Preview button. Once you have clicked Preview, you can check the information you have entered then Edit, Preview PDF or E-Sign the certificate. When you are ready to complete the script, click the E-Sign button and enter your username and password and click Sign eVRx. The script will be automatically emailed to the producer, as well as the distributor if you entered an email address.

  10. Once you have signed the script, you will have the option to Download PDF or Download Label CSV. 

  11. To view any scripts that have been saved or completed, click on Scripts on the left-hand side. The scripts in Drafts will be those that have been saved but have not been previewed. The Quick Review tab assists in renewing scripts. Full Review contains scripts that have been previewed but have not been signed. Recently Completed holds scripts that have been signed in the last 14 days. Any scripts older than two weeks can be found in Certificates under Records. The Requests tab will show you scripts that feed mills have requested you complete.

  12. Scripts available for renewal will be in the Renew tab 14 days before expiration. You can choose to update the Group ID, number to be fed and expiration date directly from the Renew tab. To renew the script, click the rotating arrows button on the left-hand side. That will transfer the script to the Quick Review tab in the List. 

  13. When you are ready to complete the script, check the Accept box on the right-hand side and click the Accept/Reject button in the top right-hand corner. You will be prompted to enter your username and password and click E-Sign, which will sign the script and email it to your producer and distributor, as long as their email addresses are in the system.

  14. When creating scripts, you can also save templates. These templates will be stored in the Templates tab on the left-hand side of the screen. To save a script as a template, click Save as Template in the upper right-hand corner of the Create screen, before previewing and signing the script. You will be prompted to name the template before you can save it.

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