How do I turn on Completed EIA Email Notifications?

You can now receive email notifications when the lab has resulted and signed EIA (Coggins) tests. These email notifications can be sent to the clinic, to the signing veterinarian, or to both.


You can turn these email notifications on by visiting your clinic settings. To do so:

• Click on your name in the lower left corner and select “Clinic” from the pop-up menu.

• Scroll to the bottom of the clinic info page and click "Edit" in the lower right corner.

• The box at the top right of the screen is the Settings box. In the Communication section of the Settings box you will see "Notify clinic when lab approves EIA" and "Notify Signing Vet when lab approves EIA".


• Check the boxes for one or both of these options, depending on what notifications your clinic and veterinarians wish to receive. These settings will apply to all EIAs completed by your clinic moving forward.


• Scroll down and click "Save" in the lower right corner.

• Navigate back to your GVL account by clicking "Home" in the upper left corner.


Once you update these settings, the clinic and/or signing vet will begin receiving email notifications for the EIAs completed after this update.

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