What IDs will display on an EIA (Coggins) Test Certificate?

GVL has numbered and organized the fields on the EIA test form to match USDA paper EIA test forms. You'll notice there are only two ID sections available on the EIA test form, field 10 and field 16.

Per USDA guidelines, we can show only one ID from each column below on an EIA certificate. If the equine has multiple IDs in one column, only the first ID from that column on the horse profile will show on the EIA test certificate.

Box #10 IDs

  1. Tattoos

  2. Brand numbers

  3. Tags (ear, back, metal, etc.)

Box #16 IDs

  1. Microchip

  2. Breed registration number

  3. Other registration numbers

When creating an EIA, you can edit the Markings and EIA-approved IDs directly from the Horse card. 

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