Granting MyVetLink Access

By granting MyVetLink access, your clients will be able to retrieve their certificates immediately after they’re completed. MyVetLink makes communication more efficient, while saving veterinarian's time. In order to grant access begin by:

  1. Under Records, select the Contacts tab. 

  2. In the Contacts tab, search for the contact that you are wanting to grant MyVetLink access. 

  3. Once you have found the contact, ensure that you have an email address entered for the contact. An email is required to grant MyVetLINK access. 

  4. The MyVetLink access column will let you know if the client does or does not have MyVetLink access. If they do not, hover over Actions and select Grant MyVetLink Access.

  5. By clicking Grant MyVetLink Access and confirming, you will give that client access to their records and certificates.

Note: As of May 2018, new contacts with an email address entered into GVL are automatically granted MyVetLINK access.

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