How to Update an Animal's Images

This walks through how to update images on an existing animal record. This is needed if a animal's appearance has drastically changed since the last time the record was updated. Drastic changes could include for example an animal aging or a coat color changing appearance of the years.

  1. First you will start by going to Records on the left hand side of your screen and then click the Animals option.

  2. Once you are in Animals, you will search for your animal's name by scrolling through the list or typing information into the search bar.

  3. When the animal's profile is located, you can open it up by clicking the animal's name the clicking Edit at the bottom of the profile or by clicking the Actions menu to the right of the animal list results.

  4. In editing mode, on the animal's profile, you will scroll to the bottom of the profile to the Primary Images section.

  5. Hover your mouse over the existing image you want to change. There will be a Replace button that you will click.

  6. Once you click Replace, you can choose to upload a new image from your computer files or from the gallery in your GVL images.

  7. When the images are updated, you will click Save at the bottom of the profile.

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