US Patriot Act Consent Form No Longer Required

As of September 30th 2021, we’ve removed a step in the EIA creation process, making creating digital EIAs even easier!

You will no longer be required to complete and maintain a US Patriot Act consent form for each client when creating a new contact or completing an EIA test form through GlobalVetLink.

The US Patriot Act consent is now being handled by legal language that has been added to the digital EIA test form. Each form will now include the following statement:

“This official document was authorized in agreement with the issuing veterinarian, via The information is collected by CFIA under the authority of Health of Animals Act for the purpose of supporting the control of EIA in Canada. Personal information collected by CFIA will be protected under the provisions of the Privacy Act and will be stored in Personal Information Bank CFIA PPU 050 / CFIA CON 025. Please address questions related to the results reported on this document to the listed CFIA District Office.”

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