What changed about GVL EIA tests?

In 2020, GVL worked directly with the USDA to make several changes to the GVL platform and our EIA test certificates to align with guidance updates that took effect April 15, 2020. 

Changes made to GVL EIA tests included the following:

  • Minor PDF changes including: field changes (moved, numbered, labels updated) and removal of non-necessary statements

  • County of horse location at time of blood draw is required

  • Marking fields that are left blank will display as “No marking” for the lab and on the final form

  • Only two (2) horse IDs will display to align with USDA form

  • No longer default horse location to same as owner location

  • Updated reasons of testing to align with the USDA reasons for testing

  • Addition of blood drawn state has been added so labs can verify the sample was collected in a state where the veterinarian is accredited to perform EIA testing

Additionally, the statement “Official EIA Test Form, Approved by USDA Veterinary Services MAR2020, GVL" is now included on all GVL EIA test certificates.


Here are links to references provided by the USDA in regards to these updates and the new guidance document, VS Guidance 15201.1

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