Creating an EECVI - Step by Step Instructions

1. Click Create in the upper right corner and select EECVI. 

2. Select the owner for the EECVI - Search by name or click Add New.  Note – An email address is required in order to issue an EECVI.

3. Select the horse for the EECVI – Click the dropdown to select from the list of horses assigned to your selected owner or click Add New.

4. Qualifying EIA - If a qualifying GVL EIA is available for the horse, that information will automatically be added under the Official ID section. If the horse does not have a GVL EIA, enter the EIA information in the Qualifying EIA section. 

5. Official ID – Select the official ID for the EECVI. Refer to the map of ID requirements if you have questions on the official ID accepted by each state.

6. Commit the EECVI – Click Commit in the upper right corner to complete the EECVI. A box will appear prompting you to commit the extended equine certificate of veterinary inspection.

7. Viewing EECVIs – You can view drafts and completed EECVIs from the EECVIs tab under Animal Movement.

8. Once you have committed the EECVI, the owner will receive an email and will be able to enter their travel information and obtain their Health Declaration and Movement Permits via their MyVetLINK account.

Questions? Contact the GVL Customer Success Team at 515-817-5704 or

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