Scenario #1 (Vaccinated 1x)

Scenario #1

The pet is 12 months old and was given a primary vaccination for Rabies at 3 months of age. The microchip was implanted at 12 months of age. The pet will be traveling to Paris in 2 months.

EU/UK Rabies Rules:

  1. The pet does NOT meet this rule: Primary rabies must be given to the pet after or on the same date as the microchip implant (or the date of the microchip scan).
  2. The pet does meet this rule: Pet must not travel until 21 days have passed following the primary rabies vaccination.
  3. The pet does meet this rule: The pet must be able to prove that it has not had a lapse between vaccinations

Since the rabies vaccination was done BEFORE the microchip, the rabies vaccination does not meet requirements and can not be used to travel.

What to do:

The pet must be revaccinated, and the new vaccination will need to be listed as a primary vaccination with a 1-year validity date range on the rabies certificate and the international health certificate (the validity date ranges must match on the rabies certificate and the health certificate). The 21-day wait period will apply to the new vaccination, so the vaccination must be administered no less than 21 days before travel.

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