What can I look forward to in the transition of HerdPoint to GVL?

HerdPoint is now integrated into GVL's online platform, making it more user friendly for veterinarians to view and manage their clients’ isolates.

● As part of the transition to GVL, all features and functionalities of HerdPoint are now fully optimized for use on the most modern and up-to-date internet browsers, including Chrome, Firefox and Edge.

● GVL rebuilt the software behind HerdPoint from the ground up to streamline workflows and make the tool more intuitive and user friendly.

● Many veterinarians already use GVL to manage animal health and movement documents. Now they’ll also be able to manage their clients’ custom-made vaccine isolates with Newport Laboratories, Inc. in the same platform.

● Customer support for HerdPoint has also been enhanced, with experts from both Newport Laboratories and GVL ready to support users depending on the nature of the question.

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