I am an animal owner. How can I access completed certificates from your site if my Veterinarian uses GVL services?

If your veterinarian uses GVL services, you may access your completed EIA (Coggins) certificates, health certificates (eCVIs), 6-month equine CVIs (EECVIs), veterinary feed directives (VFDs), and prescriptions via our website MyVetLink. Click on Sign Up to get started with your account.

Your veterinarian will need your valid email address to enable access.

You may then log into MyVetLink to view and print your completed certificates as often as you like.

You can also download the MyVetLink app to access your certificates and information from your tablet or smartphone.

Ensure that your veterinarian has your correct email address and had granted you MyVetLink access. If you have any problems please contact the GVL Customer Success Team at 515-817-5704.

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