There are two options for adding a new veterinarian or technician to your clinic account.

Option 1 - online registration:

  1. Contact the GVL Customer Success Team and request a User Registration email.

  2. Once you receive the email, click the Add Staff button.

  3. Enter the First and Last Name, Email Address and Select a Role for each user. Click Add to save a user’s information and add another user.

  4. Once you’ve added all your users, click Send Invites.

  5. When the invites have been sent, each user will receive a personalized email notification to set up their account. From the email, the user will click Complete Registration and be directed to their personal registration page through which they can add their personal information and finalize their account.

  6. Veterinarians can use GVL’s Digital Signature Technology to apply their signature and state/federal licenses onto their account. When entering license information, click Add to save.

  7. After clicking Submit, each user will receive a confirmation email letting them know that our Customer Success Team is verifying their information and will active the account. They will receive a second email once their account has been activated and ready for use.

Option 2 - e-signature form:

Here are the forms for each account type -

  1. Obtain the e-signature form from the GVL Customer Success Team or by downloading from the links above.

  2. Print the form and have the new user complete the required information.

  3. Once the form is completed, email or fax the form to the GVL Customer Success Team:

  4. Email:

  5. Fax: 515-817-5702.

  6. The Customer Success Team will review the information and create the new user account.

  7. Once the account has been created, the Customer Success Team will contact the clinic via phone or email to let you know the new user has been added.

  8. The user will receive a confirmation email that will allow them to set a password. Once they have created their password, the account is ready to use.

Note - Email addresses and usernames cannot be used for multiple accounts. Please list a unique email address and username for each user.

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