GVL’s uses our SmartEngine™ technology to provide and validate animal import rules for veterinarians.  SmartEngine validates rules inside of GVL, and also allows veterinarians to look them up on AnimalRegs.com.  We have entered your state’s animal import rules into SmartEngine, and in some cases have modified the wording to provide a consistent tone from state to state.  The following guide will help you log into GVL and validate your state’s rules.

Getting Started:

Once logged in, click the Rule Lookup link in the left-hand navigation.

Rule Lookup:

  • Here you can look up your state’s interstate movement rules that we have entered into SmartEngine™
  • You may filter on one or all of the filtering criteria
  • Only active rules related to your search will be filtered
  • When finished, click on the clear filter to see all unfiltered active rules again

Rule Management Tabs:

  • Active Rules will be all rules reviewed and approved by your state that are live on animalregs.com.
  • Inactive Rules are all rules that are not yet approved by your state or have been deactivated for review. These rules will not be live on animalregs.com.
  • In Review - This tab contains rules that you have flagged for review.  You are able to leave a comment about what needs to change, and GVL will update those rules.

Updating rules in SmartEngine™:

  • The “pencil’ icon will allow you to leave feedback for GVL on any changes to the rule
  • Rules flagged for review will move to your In Review tab
  • The “thumbs up” icon will activate a rule that is not currently active
  • Rules given the “thumbs up” will move to your Active Rules tab

Validating Rules:

  • By clicking on the blue “Validate Rules” button, you are stating that all active rules are correct.
  • In order to activate your state’s rules for the first time, the “Validate Rules” button needs to be clicked before the rules will go live.
  • The most recent validation date will display on the animalregs.com page.
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