Veterinary clinics who are GVL customers can access their invoices and billing information through Netsuite. Click the button below to be directed to the Netsuite login page.

Login Information:
The username will be the email address on file with GVL. The password will be the phone number on file with GVL, including the dashes (ie 515-817-5701).

Make a Payment:

  1. Select ‘Make a Payment’ found under the billing section on the home page.
  2. Select the invoice you would like to apply payment to using the appropriate check box.
  3. Select a saved card you would like to use for payment or enter a new credit card number by selecting –New Card— from the ‘Cards on File’ drop down menu.
  4. Once an invoice and credit card have been selected, select ‘Submit’ to process your payment. You may also select ‘Submit & Print’ to prompt a receipt to be printed, or select ‘Submit & Email’ prompt a receipt to be emailed.

Note: When entering a new credit card number, save the card on file for future use by leaving the ‘Save this Card’ box selected. Deselect the ‘Save this card’ box if you prefer not to save credit card information to your account. A new credit card added to the account will automatically be set as your default card unless the “Make Default’ option is removed.

Update Clinic/Hospital Information

Select ‘Edit Your Profile” found under the Support section on the home page

• Select ‘Address Information’ to edit your billing and/or shipping addresses. Select ‘Change’ under the address you need to update to make any necessary changes. Select ‘Use This Address’ to save your changes

• Select ‘Payment information’ to update credit card information without making a payment.

  1. Enter the information in the prompted fields
  2. Select ‘Continue’

• Select ‘Confirm Customer Profile’ to confirm any changes. Select ‘Finish’ to save these changes.

View Transaction History
Select 'See All Transactions' for a list of all invoices or payments associated with your account since it was created.
• Select any column header to sort the data by that field.
• Select the date next to any transaction to view that transaction. Invoice copies or payment receipts may be printed or emailed from this page for your records.

View Certificate Data from Invoice

  1. Navigate to the invoice record you would like details for using 'See All Transactions' or the 'Transaction Search Box" on the home page
  2. Scroll to the section titled 'Related Records'.
  3. Ensure your View is set to 'GVL Default View' under the drop down menu.
  4. All certificate numbers included on the selected invoice will be displayed.

If you have additional questions about updating payment information or viewing your invoices through Netsuite, please contact the GVL Customer Success Team at 515-817-5704 or

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