1. Download HorseSYNC from the app store for your smart phone or tablet. HorseSYNC is a free app powered by GVL and is compatible with most devices.
  2. Login to HorseSYNC. Click on the three bars menu icon in the upper left-hand corner of the screen to locate the Login/Logout button. The login information is the same as your GVL login.
  3. To get started adding an animal to the app, click either the + (plus sign) in the upper right-hand corner of your screen or the orange Get Started bar.
  4. Next, enter the horse information, starting with the images. Click on the camera icon to either take a picture or upload an image from your device gallery. When creating the horse profile through HorseSYNC, the images and name are the only required pieces of information. Enter as much or as little of the additional information as you’d like. Once you have entered the horse information, click the check mark in the upper right-hand corner to save.
  5. Once the animal information is entered and saved, the next step is to sync the animals with your GVL account. Your device will need an internet connection to sync. The app will automatically sync after it has connected, but you can also prompt it to sync by clicking the Sync Animals button at the bottom of the screen. A pop-up message will let you know the animals have synced with your GVL account.
  6. Next, log into your GVL account and navigate to the Animals section, located under Records.
  7. If the animal owner is already in the system as a contact, select the HorseSync animals tab. If the owner still needs to be added, got to Contacts and add them, then select navigate to HorseSync animals.
  8. Select Finish Animal from the Actions on the right side. 
  9. Next, enter the information needed to complete the animal profile, including selecting the owner. All the red fields will be required fields.
  10. Once you have the animal profile completed, click the Save Animal button below the pictures.
  11. You can now view the completed animal in the Animals tab and write certificates for this animal.

If you have additional questions about the HorseSYNC App, please reach out to our Customer Success Team at 515-817-5704 or gvlsupport@globalvetlink.com

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