When entering animal information, up to 5 types of IDs can be entered. To enter IDs on an animal profile (individual animal):

  1. In the ID Types line enter a comma separated list of the kinds of IDs you are using.
  2. In the IDs line enter a comma separated list of the IDs. 
  3. Click Save or Update to save the IDs to the animal profile

To upload IDs using the IDs Worksheet (animal group):

  1. Click the Open IDs Worksheet button on the right hand side of the IDs line. 
  2. You can upload ID information one of two ways: using the Spreadsheet tab, copy and paste IDs from a spreadsheet. Using the Range tab, enter a range of IDs.
  3. Once you have entered the ID information into the worksheet, click Done to save the information to the certificate. 
  4. Click the Create or Update button at the bottom of the Animal profile in order to save the ID information you have entered.
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