1. Select Owner/Client - Search by name for an owner already in the system, or click Add New to create a new owner.
  2. Select Feed Distributor - Search by feed distributor name or zip code in the search box, and then select the feed distributor from the drop down menu. Note - If the feed mill is not listed, contact us with their information to have them added to the system.
  3. Enter Animal Locations - The owner location will auto-populate as a location. To add additional locations, search by name in the search bar. 
  4. Enter Animal Information - Select the species from the drop down menu, enter a Group ID (optional), and enter the number to be fed.
  5. Enter Drug Information - Search for drugs by active ingredient, brand name, indication or manufacturer. After selecting the drug, select the production class and indication. Drug Substitution NOT allowed should only be checked if the VFD must be filled with the name brand drug listed. The Expiration Date will auto-populate.
  6. Enter Feed Concentrations - Enter the Dosage in g/ton or use the dosage calculator. Select the Duration for which the drug should be fed. Enter any additional information in the Special Instructions box.
  7. Select Combination Drugs - Depending on the drug, there will be one or three options for you to select from if you are or are not allowing combination drugs.
  8. Vet Assignment (Optional) - Select the veterinarian who will be signing the VFD, to make it easier for them to locate in the Drafts list.
  9. Save - Click Save in the upper right hand corner. 
  10. Preview - Click Preview in the upper right hand corner to review the information entered on the VFD.
  11. E-Sign - Click E-Sign and enter your username and password to sign the document. If owner and/or feed distributor email addresses where included, the VFD will automatically be emailed to those parties.
  12. View PDF - Click View PDF to view the completed document and print if needed.
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