1. Select Owner - Search by name for an owner already in the system, or click Add New to create a new owner.
  2. Select Location - If the location is the same as the Owner's information, leave the Same as Owner box checked. If the location is different than the owner's location, uncheck the Same as Owner box. Search by name for the location already in the system, or click Add New to create a new owner. 
  3. Add Horse - Search by name or ID for a horse already in the system, or click the List button to view a list of all the horses associated with the selected owner. Click Add New to create a new horse profile.
  4. Add Lab Test - Select the laboratory from the drop down menu. Enter your lab account number, if the laboratory requires one. Select the test type and enter the Blood Drawn and Blood Sent Dates. Enter any remarks, select the reason for testing and click Create Test.
  5. Add Rabies Vaccination (Optional) - Enter Rabies vaccination information if you would like it included on the certificate.
  6. Save - Click Save in the upper right hand corner.
  7. Preview - Click Preview in the upper right hand corner to preview the certificate and ensure that the correct information has been entered.
  8. E-Sign - Click E-Sign and enter your username and password to complete the certificate. 
  9. Print Lab Submittal Form - After signing, print the lab submittal form and send with the blood sample to the laboratory. 
  10. View Completed EIA - Click List on the left hand menu and select the Completed tab. Recently completed EIA tests will display. To view and print a certificate, click the Serial Number. To email, click the arrow button under Actions.
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