EIA certificates that have been signed by the veterinarian, but have not been resulted and signed by a lab tech can be deleted with no charge to the veterinary clinic. 

To delete an EIA with errors, click on EIAs in the left hand menu and select the Awaiting Lab Approval tab. This will show you a list of the certificates that you have submitted to the lab but have not been resulted yet. Changes cannot be made to these certificates, but you can delete them and you will not be charged the certificate fee. To delete a certificate, hover over Actions on the right hand side and select Delete. Once you have deleted the certificate, you can then recreate it with the correct information. You will need to provide the laboratory with the new Lab Submittal Form.

Note: Some labs may require a new blood sample to be sent in with the new Lab Submittal Form. Check with your lab before deleting the original submission so that you are aware of their process.

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